Founded on November 27, 2007 Sao Viet Trading & Investment J.S.C (Vstar) operates in three industries:

  • Trading, including Import-Export of fertilizers and specific chemicals.
  • International Trade Intermediary.
  • Investment Brokerage.

Since its early years Vstar Company already fixed its Business Strategy: rely on Trading and International Trade Intermediary business to promote a Business Matching Service of its own style, same time to gradually convert its general Trading business into a Niche typed business. Over the course of its development our Company has gradually proved that it has chosen a right vision and strategy.

With high ambition, together with the invaluable assets accumulated over the development, Vstar keeps striving to achieve their missions:

  • Become the most stylish Business Matching Service Provider in Vietnam. Pioneers in bringing Vietnamese specialties to World market in an exceptional way by giving added values to each product and delivering special market for it.
  • Brand Vstar as one of Top 10 Most Successful Niche companies in Vietnam.
  • Always remain as the most creative, efficient and reliable accompany of all business partners.

To achieve the above mentioned goals and missions we fully understand that all our values and achievements origin from a total trust and full cooperation given by customers that could be achieved only in case we put customer’s benefits on top of everything. With “Let’s make it different” as Business Philosophy, the principle which embraces all our activities is Quality, Efficiency, Reliability, and Being Unique. We thrive for a better and sustainable future, same time make highest possible contribution to community, society, country.