Amicote C-Vida Fertilizer

31/01/2018 / Published in Focus

1. Introduction

Soil quality can be defined as “its working capacity” (Karlen et al., 1997), in other words its ability to encourage the flow of water and nutrients, to physically support plant life and to act as a medium in which plants, microorganisms and nutrient cycles can coexist and contribute towards maintaining biodiversity (Andrews et al., 2004; Colomer and Sánchez, 2001). The practice of a rational mineral fertilization that is compatible with organic biostimulant products not only helps feed the plants, but also improves the fertility of the soil. What is more, some organic molecules can have direct positive effects upon the plants by acting as biostimulants as regards their growth and root production, and they can even protect them against pathogenic microorganisms.

2. C‐VIDA Technology. The combined effect of C‐MOV Technology and beneficial effect metabolites with direct effects upon the plants

C‐VIDA Technology represents a synergetic effect between C‐MOV Technology and TD VIDA Technology.

The C‐VIDA Technology used in our Amicote Fertilizers is the result of complementing C‐MOV (Consortium of Molecules of Vegetal Origin) Technology with Beneficial Microorganism Metabolites (MMBs). As well as contributing the nutrients the plant needs, the Amicote C‐Vida line of fertilizers produces enzymatic, phytohormonal and biostimulant effects which improve the quality of the soil, thereby favoring crop growth and increasing agricultural yields.

2.1. C‐MOV Technology. Consortium of Organic Vegetal Molecules

C‐MOV Technology is a combination of organic molecules of vegetal origin which perform a proven enzymatic, phytohormonal and biostimulant activity that can only be achieved using high‐quality and extremely stable organic materials. C‐MOV is an organic extract obtained using processes developed by Fertiberia that enable the attainment and selection of the best active principles of the organic vegetal matter. Basically, these are humid compounds and enzymes without defined molecular weight and with a high percentage of labile carbon that is immediately available to be used by the plants and microorganisms in the soil.

C‐MOV does not contain appreciable quantities of nutrients or amino acids. However, its organic molecules have an immediate effect based on stimulating the microbial life of the soil and a directly beneficial effect on plant growth. Furthermore, C‐MOV is capable of hydrolyzing those organic compounds which contribute towards increasing the soil’s fertility.

The agronomic benefits of C‐MOV Technology are:

1) An immediate effect with respect to stimulating the microbial life of the soil by acting directly upon the nutrient cycle;

2) A solubilisation and mineralisation of organic nutrients via a marked enzymatic activity, and

3) A direct bio-stimulant effect upon the growth of the plants, mainly upon their initial radicular development that, for its part, also contributes towards reducing the leaching of those nutrients more susceptible to being lost by being washed away from the root influence area.

2.2. Beneficial Microorganism Metabolites with direct effects upon the plants.

The metabolites of the microorganisms are biomolecules resulting from the metabolic activity of those microorganisms in the soil that are beneficial for plants. Their composition is of a highly biological value that principally consists of organic acids, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, phytohormones, complex micronutrients and polysaccharide activators of microbial activity.

1. Greater resistance to draught.

2. Greater microbial activity in the rhizosphere.

3. Greater radicular development.

4. Greater vegetative development.

5. Better nourished, more vigorous and productive plants.

6. Solubilisation of organic nutrients.

7. Biological nitrogen fixing, phosphorous solubilisation, mobilisation of potassium and chelation of iron by siderophores. 


C‐VIDA Technology represents a synergic effect between C‐MOV Technology and TD VIDA Technology.

The C‐VIDA Technology used in our Amicote Fertilizers is the result of the complementary use of C‐MOV (Consortium of Vegetal Origin Molecules) Technology and beneficial microorganism metabolites (MMBs). The fertilizers of our Amicote C‐Vida line not only provide the nutrients that the plant needs, but they also generate the enzymatic, phytohormonal and biostimulant effects which improve soil quality thereby favouring crop growth and increasing agricultural yields.

Fertilizers formulated using C-MOV and Beneficial Micro-organism Metabolites

* Greater biological soil activity and stimulation of microbial life.

* Phosphorous solubilisation, nitrogen fixing, potassium mobilisation and iron chelation.

* Maximum use of the nutrients contained in the soil and provided by the fertilizers.

* Phytohormonal and biostimulant plant activity.

* Greater radicular development and vegetal growth.

* Resistance to draught‐related stress.

* Higher yields.