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KALISOP® gran. is a highly concentrated two nutrient fertiliser with 50% K2O and 45% SO3 as sulphate.

KALISOP® gran. is water-soluble, so that the nutrients K and S are immediately plant available. Since this fertilizer is almost chloride free and therefore ideal for chloride sensitive crops. It also has a low salt index and thus is especially suitable for valuable special purpose crops in intensive cropping systems.

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HORTISUL® Sulphate of Potash 52 (+45)

HORTISUL® is a highly concentrated potassium fertiliser in the sulphate form with low chloride content and fully water-soluble nutrients.

HORTISUL® dissolves almost completely and it is perfectly suited for fertiliser sprayer or irrigation systems. This product is a low dust product, consisting of homogeneous crystals and therefore can also be used as a straight fertiliser in solid form.

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EpsoTOP® (K+S GmbH)

EPSO Top® is a quick acting magnesium and sulphur fertiliser for foliar application. The nutrients are fully water-soluble and are present in the sulphate form (MgSO4 × 7 H2O).

EPSO Top® dissolves rapidly and without residue in water and is therefore perfectly suited to foliar application with a sprayer and also for fertigation through irrigation systems.

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Magnesium Nitrate – EU Foliar Fertilizer

Fercampo Magnesium Nitrate 11-0-0+16MgO is one of very few foliar Magnesium Nitrate fertilizers which has nitrogen nitrate content reaching 11%. With excellent quality and perfect solubility Fercampo Magnesium Nitrate 11-0-0+16MgO should be the best choice for Vietnamese users in this application sector in this time period.

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Nergetic C-Pro (ADP- Portugal)

NERGETIC C-Pro fertilizers have C-PRO technology attachment of a macromolecule which regulates the leaching and evaporation of the nutrients with an effective nutrition enhancer such as the C-MOV (organic extract of high quality, rich in vegetable molecules of great potential fitohormonal, biostimulant and enzymatic).

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Amicote C-Vida (ADP – Portugal)

AMICOTE C-Vida are fertilizers with enzymes, fitohormomal activity and Metabolites of Microorganisms Beneficial. AMICOTE C-Vida fertilizers are produced by C-Vida technology which is the junction of the C-MOV technology with Metabolites of Microorganisms Beneficial (MMB)

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