What makes Vstar’s Business Matching Service Exceptional?

31/01/2018 / Published in Focus

Business Matching Service (BMS) is not something new in this “Flat World”. There are several companies working in this field. They even designed professional software for a quick matching between Buyer and Producer. With good data-base, a BMS company could promptly offer you a product right when you push ENTERS to send your inquiry.

So what can make our Vstar BMS exceptional?

Normally an ordinary BMS is designed to match an inquiry with generic products available at factory. As result, in many cases we just could not have a perfect match because producers would not be able to always meet the multifarious requirements demanded by consumers. Our Vstar is capable to solve this problem. Thanks to our special connection with Vietnamese producers in wide range of industry we are able to meet all the most subtle demand in all respects: specifications, packing, order quantity, delivery time etc. A simple example: It is very easy for a Thai or Indian rice-exporter to fill an order of 10,000mt of parboiled rice, but the case would be totally different if you ask them to supply 200mt packed in small special bags with your own marking for you to bring directly to your retail network. Same case if you need few hundred tone of NPK fertilizer produced in special formula. Vstar is the company who can do this job perfectly.

Our BMS is not simply for purpose of matching inquiries to products. We are able to give added values to each product to create Niche products, same time to identify special demand, a Niche marketplace for products. Or craft one if such marketplace is yet available. The nature of Vstar BMS is to connect ideas of Buyers, Producers, and our own, then make it reality. Difference creation is our business philosophy and our specialty.

Business performance with perpetually highest quality, responsibility and efficiency is our company’s pride. Not only deliver a perfect business matching we always care for the perfect fulfillment of each work-phase, from the start of production until the delivery of goods at destination, then deal with consumer’s feedback. Being a consistent close accompany of both Buyers and Producers we always make our utmost effort to promote business and deliver success to all parties. Vstar is your solution, your reliable partner, and your success.